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We are often asked, what are the best dive sites in Komodo National Park? This is a tough question to answer because there are so many awesome dive sites with different types of experience.

So, to make it easier to answer this question, our dive center manager, Luca Canessa, has picked one dive site for 8 different categories. Here are our top picks for the best dive sites in Komodo!


1. Best Komodo dive site for big fish/schools of fish: Castle Rock

It’s a close call with Crystal Rock, but Castle Rock still ranks higher for us in this category. This dive site tends to have stronger currents which attract lots of sharks, giant trevallies, schools of batfish, big-eyed trevallies, snappers and lots of other big fish.

Due to the currents, most of the time, this dive site is suitable only for advanced/experienced divers, but when conditions permit, beginners can join too (which can be anytime!). This dive site is best dived in April through November.

This video by Youtuber coco Liang shows you how “fishy” it gets at Castle Rock:


2. Best Komodo dive site for corals: Tatawa Besar

The dive here is a nice drift dive, featuring arguably the best coral garden in Komodo and ranking it high among the best dive sites in Komodo. The marine life is also very rich here, for both smaller critters and bigger animals like Napoleon wrasses, reef sharks, and turtles. You can also find at least 5 different kinds of angelfish!

Like many of the best dive sites in Komodo, it is best dived in April through November. Here’s an amazing Youtube video that shows how awesome the dive site is (this video belongs to the Youtube account ScubaSteve): 


3. Best Komodo dive site for manta encounters: Manta Point

Also known as Makassar Reef, this dive site is hands down the best place to see schools of mantas. The currents here can be really strong, but that’s what attracts the mantas!

December-April is the best period of time to see schools of mantas, while July-August is the toughest period of time to spot them (which ironically is the “high season” for scuba diving in Komodo.

Here is a video of a dive at Manta Point from the Youtube Account kpgeorge:


4. Best Komodo dive site for drift diving: Siaba Kecil

An amazing drift dive site with little caves and amazing soft corals. You will often spot fish swimming upside down in the caves. Such a soothing sight for a sore eye! Schools of sweetlips are very common here. You can also find white tip sharks and eagle rays, occasionally.

This dive site is more suited for experienced divers, but beginners can join when the conditions are suitable.


5. Best Komodo dive site for macro life: Siaba Besar

Arguably the best muck dive site in Komodo National Park. You can find an abundance of little creatures: frogfish, flamboyant cuttlefish, banded pipefish, Indian walkers and many more.

To enjoy this dive, you must take your time and dive slowly and close to the bottom, so you can spot the little critters in action. It is an easy dive with virtually no currents and only 10-12 meters deep, making it a great dive site for beginners too!


6. Best Komodo dive site for beginners: Turtle City – Siaba Besar

At Siaba Besar, inside a coral bay, there is an area commonly referred to as Turtle City. As the name suggests you can dive with our all-time favorites: turtles! Hawksbill and green turtles are the most common resident turtles here.

The corals here are also very beautiful, and reef sharks are quite common. A strong contender for this dive site category is probably Sebayur.

Check out this video of a dive at Turtle City from Youtuber Dinar Ngr:


7. Best Komodo dive site for night diving: Wainilu

It is technically more of a sunset dive, as we normally descend at around 5:30 PM. It is beautiful muck dive site that is really full of surprises. Each dive there will be a different experience.

At 2 meters deep you can see mandarin fish (hopefully mating!) then you will descend to around 18 meres. You can spot various invertebrates here, nudibranchs, crabs, and shrimps. It is an easy dive that can be enjoyed by macro enthusiasts of all levels.


8. Best of the best dive sites in Komodo (overall): Batu Bolong!

Batu Bolong is the most popular and arguably the best dive site for many different reasons. Rich in colors, corals, and fish–small fish, big fish, everything! Diving here is like diving into a fish identification book, as you can spot almost everything.

Best of the best dive sites in Komodo #1 Batu Bolong | Somer Dive Komodo Best of the best dive sites in Komodo  | Somer Dive Komodo


The rock itself (Batu Bolong means hollow rock, so there is literally a rock on the surface) is only 30-meter long on the surface, but it is really huge underwater. It extends to at least a depth of 30 meters. But the dive here is amazing even at 1 meter.  Truly a world class dive site that can be revisited again, again and again…and you won’t get sick of it. 

Like many other popular dive sites in Komodo the currents can be really strong, but beginners can dive here too as long as the conditions allow. 

Here’s a cool video on Batu Bolong from Youtuber Javier Cubedo:



So those are our top 8 picks for the best dive sites in Komodo. We’ve only listed a few of the great dive sites that exist in Komodo National Park. If you are curious about the other dive sites in Komodo, don’t forget to check out our Guide to Scuba Diving in Komodo.

If you are planning a dive trip to Komodo, you should also check out our scuba diving day trips and budget-friendly liveaboard the Soka Raja. Got questions about scuba diving in Komodo? Drop us an email at and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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